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Ag Mechanics & Technology


Ag Mechanics is an ever changing industry with several opportunities for advancement. Potential careers in this filed include farm machinery mechanics and grain handling industries including elevators and processors. Understanding use of high-tech equimpent such as GPS, auto-steer equipment, yield monitors, and field mapping is also essential in this industry.

Topics covered in the Ag Mechanics program include understanding, diagnosing, and working on two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Students are taught the importance of fuels, lubricants, and basic maintenance of all machines found in agriculture. Basic electricty for the field of agriculture is also included with course curriculum. 



Mr. Werts

Course Location

Richland Communit College Campus - Rioom E194

Areas of Study

  • Developing skills of communication, decisionmaking, teamwork, and critical thinking
  • Introduces students to farm equipment including small engines and high-tech equipment such as GPS and field mapping. 




Tech Academy

Richland Course/Credit

This Dual Credit is offered every other year:

Offered in School Year 2019-2020; 2021 - 2022; etc..


Ag Mechanics I & II

HORT 211 - Horticulture Mechanics


Credits Earned: 3.0


This Dual Credit is offered every other year:

Offered in School Year 2020-2021; 2022 - 2023; etc...


Ag Mechanics I & II

HORT 128 - Small Farm Equipment

Credits Earned: 3.0