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Business Partner Resources

Work based learning provides relevance and meaning to learning experiences, hands-on application, job specific skills and a connection between school and work. Work based learning may include field trips, job shadowing, extended job shadowing, internships, mentoring, and teacher externships. Thank you for partnering with us to offer these great experiences to our high school students.

Internship Evaluation

Supervisors complete this form quarterly to provide feedback on student intern performance.

Internship Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Employer

  1. Provide adequate supervision for the student worker.
  2. Provide a safe work environment and safety training for student.
  3. Comply with labor laws and regulations for paid student workers.
  4. Communicate any concerns to teacher and/or coordinator.
  5. Complete an evaluation of the student’s work.

Responsibilities of the Student

  1.  Attend regularly.
  2. Conform to the rules and regulations of the worksite.
  3. Demonstrate proper work ethics and willingness to learn.
  4. Consult the teacher and/or coordinator of any concerns.
  5. Be responsible for transportation to and from worksite.
  6. Training will end if he/she does not remain in school.

Responsibilities of the School, Teacher and/or Coordinator

  1. Process all necessary and regulatory paperwork.
  2. Monitor student progress with site visits.
  3. Address all concerns with the cooperation of all parties.
  4. Coordinate evaluation of student worker.

Responsibilities of the Parent/Guardian

  1. Share the responsibilities for the conduct of student while in the training program.
  2. Be responsible for safety and conduct of student while traveling to and from worksite, school, and home.
  3. Encourage student to be responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the student find transportation to my worksite?
    • It is the student/parents responsibility to provide transportation and insurance coverage to the worksite.
  • Will I have to pay the student intern?
    • The internship may be paid or unpaid depending upon the arrangement. Paid internships are motivating to the student and reflect a more “real life” work experience.
  • Are there hazardous occupations that a student under the age of 18 is not allowed to do?
    • Yes. The Fair Labor Standards Act lists several occupation limitations. The most often hazardous limitation is that a student under the age of 18 may not drive a motor-vehicle as any part of any occupation. Please visit the Fair Labor Standards Act website for a complete list of hazardous occupations.
  • If I pay the intern, are there certain rules to follow?
    • As a general rule of thumb, if you pay wages or compensation, you create an employment relationship. This relationship requires that the employer follow the Fair Labor Standards Act. In paid work-based learning experiences, liability and medical coverage are provided through the employer’s Workers’ Compensation and Employer Liability Insurance policy. Student workers are eligible for Workers’ Compensation just as the employer’s regular employees.
  • What about insurance coverage for unpaid experiences?
    • The Decatur Area Technical Academy carries a special policy to cover injuries for students from all participating schools. Workers’ Compensation would not apply to unpaid internships or job shadowing unless your carrier has Workers’ Compensation coverage for volunteers. Employers should contact their insurance carrier to make sure they have coverage for volunteers.
  • Will the employer need to “grade” the student?
    • For the work-based learning extended job shadowing or internships, the employer will be asked to fill out an evaluation form of the student’s performance. The evaluation form is generally a checklist with space for comments and is not time consuming.
  • How many hours may a student worker work?
    • The Fair Labor Standards Act states youths 16 and 17 years old may perform any nonhazardous job, for unlimited hours. Youths 18 or older may perform any job, whether hazardous or not, for unlimited hours, in accordance with minimum wage and overtime requirements. For a student in a work-based program, it is recommended that during the school year, they do not work excessive hours that would interfere with their school performance.
  • What skills will the student have to offer my business?
    • Technical Academy students are learning work-related skills. Their level of skills depends upon how they are progressing in their program.
  • Will the students have safety training?
    • All students will have some fundamental safety training in the classroom; however, it is the employer’s responsibility to cover all safety information for the position in which the student is working.
  • How does my business become involved with work-based learning?
    • Contact the Decatur Area Technical Academy at 424-3070 and we will welcome the opportunity to discuss working with you.