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Business/Health Careers

This program provides students with technical and soft skills that will help them to become successful in a health care profession. Students interested in careers that provide health care (Nursing, CNA) or health care support careers (medical coder, transcriber, office assistant, health services managers) will benefit from this course. 

Instruction includes topics such as workplace ethics and professionalism, medical terminology, study habits, and learning styles and techniques.  Health careers will be explored including the necessary post-secondary education options and requirements. Job search and interview techniques as well as consumerism topics such as investing, budgeting, credit, taxes and banking will be covered.

Successful completion of the Business/Health Careers program is a significant portion of the selection process for students in the Nursing Assistant Program their senior year. 


Mrs. Rueff

Course Location

Richland Community College Campus

Areas of Study

  • Workplace ethics
  • Learning styles/study techniques
  • Health care career opportunities
  • Money management
  • Leadership skills
  • Employment skills

Dual Credit  



Tech Academy Program

(High School Credit Earned)

Richland Course

(College Credit Earned)

This is a ONE YEAR only program

Business/Health Careers



BUS 283: Personal Finance & Insurance

HLTH 115: Instro to Health Careers


Total Credits Earnred:  4.0